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Programs must be written
for people to read,
and only incidentally
for machines to execute.
Abelson and Sussman


Python Development & Backend Architecture


Python Applications

I've worked as a programmer for over 10 years and as a Python developer for almost as long. Over the year, many challenges of large-scale systems repeated themselves. These are valuable experiences that I am drawing from every day.

Scalable Systems

The rise of the hyped term microservices left its mark on the last few projects I worked on. They are not a silver bullet but building distributed systems ensures that we acknowledge complexity from the beginning.

Open Software

A large amount of today's software is building on top of open source projects. It is important to understand the responsibility we have when we use them. We need to give back to these communities.


Being an active part of the community is the best way to learn and grow as a developer. We can learn from the successes and failures of others and take them back to our own projects. Meeting very different people who share our passion teaches us to be open and inclusive.

The mountains are calling
and I must go!
John Muir


Outdoor Guiding & Mountain Adventures


Experiencing Nature

I fell in love with the wide and open landscapes that Canada has to offer as soon as you leave urban areas. It is possible to find beautiful and little touched places that are easy to access . I love making these accessible to others.

Discovering Culture

As Europeans, we associate cultural change with crossing borders. The North American continent is very different. Cultural differences between local regions are abundant. It's not always obvious to see and as an interpretive guide, I can bring them to light.

Connecting Through Food

We often forget during our busy lives how much food contributes to connecting people. It provides the social context that allows them to interact and share. It is our responsibility by creating a memorable culinary experience.

Exploring Boundaries

Every person has a different story and grows up building individual experiences. We need to reach for the boundaries of our own comfort zones to open us up for incredible experiences. A guide ensures that both happen without compromising safety at any time.

There are two types of speakers:
those that are nervous
and those that are liars.
Mark Twain


PyCon Canada 2017

Double Click - Continue Building Better CLIs

PyCaribbean 2017

Click - A Pleasure to Use, A Pleasure To Write

PyCon US 2016

Click - A Pleasure to Use, A Pleasure To Write

PyCon Australia 2016

Click - A Pleasure to Use, A Pleasure To Write

PyCaribbean 2016

Hunting For Treasure in Django

DjangoCon US 2015

Hunting For Treasure in Django

DjangoCon Australia

Moby & The Beanstalk

There are no problems,
only solutions.
John Lennon

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